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Stage 1


(Blockchain: Neo N3, Mint: )

The genesis arts collection will be narrated using the ilex backstory as inspiration, and all 16 artworks will be mint as NFTs. The limited genesis is archived in hope that we can inspire a community from the most artistic approach the multi-universe we create ——— All Web3 motions are polar. ilex’s pole is the humanitarian expression of the web3 iconic fashion——— instead of moving in two feet, ilex’s motions could be only traced by a coordination pole.

Stage 2

/// PFP avatars

(Blockchain: MultiChain)

ilexNFT will launch 9,999 original NFT avatars. Your avatar is not just an avatar, he is a digital identity to web3. It will prove that you can join our club and will continue to benefit through your digital identity. 

Stage 3

/// Virtual wearables            

(Blockchain: TBA)

ilexNFT will launch its own fashion brand. ilexNFT will lead the way to web3 and will build a complete and sustainable fashion metaverse for all traditional fashion industries. We will gradually improve our fashion meta-verse ecosystem through creation, construction and co-branding. 

Stage 4

/// Phygital wearables


ilexNFT will continue to insist on content creation and respect originality. ilexNFT will actively participate in online and offline collaborative creation, linking the ecosystem of the meta-verse to the physical world and minting the virtual into real wearable fashion.

Stage 5

/// Ilex DAO  


The ultimate vision of ilexNFT is to be able to convey its own understanding of the future of web3. Our powerful community will produce couture, game, manga, food and social experiment with the brand of ilex. We believe that all holders will benefit, all supporters will benefit, and it all happens on top of a decentralized architecture. Eventually DAO may be achieved through the economic means of tokens.

Stage ∞

/// Ilex ∞

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